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Psychotherapy Services

I am currently able to take a few people onto my waitlist.  Please check information below to be sure I'm the right person for you, then you can contact me by email if you would like to proceed.  I will then email you a screening to make sure we are a good fit!  Services are not guaranteed after screening.

Contact via email:

I work with the following in my clinical psychotherapy practice:

1.   Those seeking longer term therapy with the intention of self-awareness and development to create a more connected and fulfilling life - see below!

2. Working with those amidst a difficult situation who need short term guidance, clarity and help with problem solving;

3.  Anxiety, depression, trauma experienced in adulthood, identity, self esteem, emotional intelligence, stress and burnout, ADHD and sexuality.

I work best with already-stable individuals and groups who are wanting to live deeper, more connected and fulfilling lives.  My style of therapy is suitable for those who are seeking meaning, purpose, a clearer sense of self and identity and a sense of soulfulness in their daily lives.  I have particular skill and experience for helping others develop their authentic self so their lives can be lived with passion and a sense of alignment with who they really are. 

We would be a good fit if you: 


  • Are seeking “more” in your life,

  • Are seeking meaning, purpose and spiritual connection,

  • Are willing to be patient with a therapeutic process and sometimes slow but profound transformation,

  • Willing to sit with uncomfortable truths and feelings as they are uncovered,

  • Have a support system in your life that provides safety and care regularly,

  • Are functioning in your life but struggle with some depression or anxiety,

  • Wish to be more emotionally intelligent and spiritually connected,

  • Are open to a mutually respectful dialogue with boundaries and ongoing reassessment of therapeutic intent and goodness of fit between us,

  • Are open to an eclectic approach to therapy that draws on both world contemplative traditions and the best of modern psychology.

  • Are curious about what it means to be more whole, free, authentic and living with wisdom and intention.

  • Want a wholistic approach to stress management,

  • Are interested in shifting dysfunctional patterns of behaviour, thought and mood,

  • Are interested in identifying and living from your deep values

  • Are wanting to work with the enneagram or yoga philosophy for self awareness and development. 


I have significant experience and knowledge in the above as well as LGBTQ2S issues, alternative lifestyles such as open relationship issues and polyamory, women’s issues such as motherhood, relationships, boundaries and empowerment. 


I have a direct and personable approach to therapy which is grounded, authentic, humorous and wholistic.  I’ve been told that I have a unique and relational approach to therapy and conversation that helps people feel naturally safe and compassionately held in both their struggles and successes. 

My approach is highly eclectic and is informed by the following:

  • Contemplative spiritual traditions from around the world,

  • Yoga and somatic experiencing and other body centered approaches,

  • Modern research on the nervous system,

  • Cognitive Behavioural therapy,

  • Depth psychology and Jungian principles,

  • Eastern and Western philosophy,

  • Mindfulness,

  • Transpersonal, person centered and existential psychology,

  • Extensive training and experience in the enneagram at both beginner and advanced levels.




Due to my personal limitations at this time I am not able to work with:

  • Addictions,

  • Personality disorders,

  • Complex childhood trauma (impacts and childhood experiences that extend beyond dysfunctional family of origin dynamics to severe physical and sexual abuse which is better treated by a specialist in these issues),

  • Anger management,

  • Acute mental illness that includes hallucinations, aggressive behaviour or substance abuse.

  • People looking for a quick fix to lifelong issues,

  • Those not willing to do reflective and practical homework between sessions,

  • Those looking for a place to dump or vent (a valid practice!  But not suitable to my approach which is active and engaged in transformation).

Thank you for respecting my scope of practice.



Group related work and offerings:
  • Enneagram for therapists and coaches,

  • Enneagram for workplace and organizations,

  • Enneagram for individuals and community groups,

  • Yoga and personal development retreats and workshops based on a variety of topics.

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