As people living in an increasingly complex world
we need the following needs met: 

  • Ways to come out of over thinking and connect to the present moment

  • Ways to discharge and regulate stress

  • Ways to honour and shift inner experiences and states such as mood and emotion

  • Ways to shift out of dysfunctional, patterned and fixated ways of thinking, feeling and acting

  • Ways to become more self aware and empowered

  • Ways to soothe ourselves amidst life's difficulties

  • Ways to recharge and renew

  • Ways to explore and discover ourselves, our needs and deep longings

  • Ways to develop self compassion.

A comprehensive mindful movement practice can offer us these ways....

Current Yoga Offerings

Fall 2022 Yoga Classes
In person. Online. Recorded.

Monday mornings – 9-1030am – online live and recorded yoga.  Those who would like to join can feel free to do so live, and those who just want recorded sessions will be forwarded the class after this time Monday mornings.  Everyone registered in yoga with me in anyway will receive the recording so that if you miss an in person class you can make it up that way.

Tuesday 515pm-645pm will be in person only

Wednesday 915-1045am – in person only

Thursday 915-1045am – in person only


Start date: Week of September 19th to Week of December 12 (inclusive) with no class the week of October 17th. 

12 classes for $215 (includes GST).  Etransfer or cheque to my house by September 10 is fine!  Email me if you need my address again.

In person classes will focus on depth of release, mobility, physical/psychological strength and presence through the use of movement, breath, meditation and props (I miss props!)  The online live/recorded classes will follow the same themes but without use of the props since most people don’t have balls and rollers at home.  We will work through different sections of the body to maximize release, functional mobility and enlivening.  I really believe in the power of mindful movement and embodied psychology to help us navigate our lives and world and can’t wait to continue to share with you.


"It is only due to your teachings that I have come to understand and accept that ALL the feelings are to be given space to just be.   In the craziest moments, this gives me great comfort to know not to fight these feelings, but to acknowledge them and let them exist.  For this gift from you , I am truly grateful!  Literally the best gift I have ever received." - A.K, Camrose, AB

"I couldn’t imagine going more than 3 days without doing your class!!!" - L.K. Grande Prairie

"Through yoga with Pam I have learned to recognize when my body is trying to process emotion and tension, and have tools to guide myself into greater peacefulness and release.  This helps me in my yoga practice, but it also helps me ground throughout my day when I may face situations that require endurance in the face of tension or softness in the face of release."  L.L. , Camrose, AB

"I told a friend yesterday that one of the greatest gifts I received in this pandemic was that I got to join your yoga classes again, virtually." - A.F. Nelson, BC

"Through an intentional way of being and moving with my body and sensations as guided by you it helps me discover the places within me that have been dormant, numb or over activated and allow for a gentle entry into getting acquainted with those spaces, getting to know them better and emerging into an acceptance of the darker, anxious or more complicated experiences of my being. Making room within my own self for a greater experience of myself - who I am, how I process, how my sensations and emotions naturally move through me. Learning to not just accept but love this process. Welcoming me into an intimacy with myself - something I can now feel in its abundance. But also - one of the most poignant moments for me was entering into your first class and totally breaking down because I didn’t realize how long it had been since I was truly with and experiencing my being." -  S.H. , Camrose, AB

Developing Resilience and Self-connection....

Alberni Warrior.jpg

Yoga is so much more than a fitness exercise. Through the body we have access to the deepest aspects of ourselves.  The way I teach yoga is a WORK-IN rather than a workout.  I have done yoga for 21 years and taught it for 19 in Central Alberta.  I have a loyal group of students with whom I explore the depth of what it means to be human.  Using slower, gentle movement we use yoga to explore our body, hearts and minds. 

We use breath, postures and meditation to deepen mindful presence of the moment and gain information about where we are at, what we have been impacted by and what we may need to respond to the difficulties or struggle of our lives. My classes have a strong emphasis on soothing the nervous system and releasing stress. 


In addition to working with improving stress resilience and physical and psychological flexibility, yoga provides us a method for exploring deeper aspects of ourselves through felt-sense connection. This style of yoga is for you if you are seeking to deepen your connection to yourself, life and the mystery of being alive.


Yoga is not an escape from reality but an opportunity to be curious about and have relationship to the joy and the suffering of being human. This is true self-relationship.  When we consider our body as a repository of our biography and the gateway to deep relationship to ourselves the practice takes on a soulful quality.  Soul emerges in the place where our awareness meets our experience - whether that is of profound joy or profound pain. 


My style of yoga is informed by depth psychology's emphasis on the imaginal body, body centered psychology's focus on the nervous system and decades of training in yoga and the enneagram which emphasizes working with energy, emotion and the soul.

Yoga Pose

Yoga is a
path to: 

- Sensitizing ourselves to our wants, needs and truth.

- Balancing our nervous system,

- Maintaining mental, emotional and physical flexibility,

- Developing mindfulness and presence,

- Challenging our patterns and increasing choice in life,

-  Living connected to self, others, life and soul.

Senior Yoga