Intro to Yoga for Sanity and Soul - Online

Tuesdays, January 5, 12 and 19, 2021 5:30-7pm

The way I teach yoga has been cultivated over the last 20 years.  The feedback I get is that it is very different from most yoga classes!  The goal of my classes are not to achieve a perfect posture or push yourself beyond your capacity but to explore and nurture yourself as you ARE.  This gradually leads to transformation that is not forced but is rather natural and organic.


In my classes you will:

- Learn about stress and the nervous system and how to calm yourself and find ease.

- Improve physical and mental flexibility.

- Experience a quiet calm break in your week allowing you to "reset".

- Learn to focus your mind and be present.

-  Experience a truly holistic practice that serves, body, heart, mind and soul.

-  learn to befriend both the dark and

the light within yourself.

I weave the best of yoga, philosophy, psychology and spirituality in to all my classes ensuring a comfortable container for being inspired and renewed.  This intro gives you a chance to try my unique style of yoga so you can determine if you'd like to join the regular session.

A private room with some wall space is needed, along with a yoga mat, two blankets, a pillow and a housecoat tie.    

Recordings available!



If you've completed the above intro or have done yoga with me before

please join my regular yoga session!  

January 26th - May 6th no classes the week of Feb 15 and March 29.

Live Class times:

Tuesdays 515-645pm

Wednesday 915-1045am

Thursday 915-1045am

Recordings available if you can't make it live!



Enneagram Study Group

Thursdays, January 7, 21 and Feb 4. 630-830pm

What do You Mean I am Over-Reacting? Uncovering and Healing the Stress of Our Time Through an Introduction to the Three Centers of the Enneagram. With Pamela Moskie and Dale Bially of Inscapes Winnipeg.


You know your enneagram number.  Did you know two other numbers influence you as well?   


We all have three brains. We have our logical head brain, our emotion-filled heart brain and the brain that allows us to act and react, our body brain. Inside each of our brains we have a dominant enneagram number that influences us.  One comprises our main type but the other two numbers have a lot to teach us.


Come spend three online evenings learning about what the enneagram can teach us about the reactivity we are all experiencing in the world right now. We will explore the three centers of head, heart and body and how they can act as resources in times of stress.  We will look at how we house fear, shame and anger in the three centers and how to work with these emotions.  These primary emotions are really wake-up calls that can help us realize we are being swept away and that we have a choice in how we respond to stressful situations.


We all have the ability to choose how we meet the world. Come learn how to transform your stress into kinder ways of meeting yourself and the ones you love.


In this series you will:

  •  Learn the importance of the three centers of being

  • Learn the needs, urges and capacities of the three centers

  • Discern what number you are in your non-dominant centers

  • Gain practical tools for working with your personality through the lens of the three centers

  • Connect to other enneagram folk through reflective exercises

  • Ground into your essence and move out of the compulsions of personality through insight and practices. 

Dale Bially has been studying the enneagram under the guidance of mentors Carol Ann Gotch and David Walsh since 1993. He completed the Enntrain: Inspirited and Embodied Enneagram training program in 2012 and uses his knowledge to help transform organizations as well as individual lives through one-on-one counselling and team building workshops.

Dale’s HR and business experience was developed over 25 years of running a Canadian retail chain as well as managing a large distribution branch in Winnipeg. Dale is currently an instructor for the Prairie Jubilee Program for spiritual directors.