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Identity and Self Development

My Approach to Identity
and Self Development

I have an extensive background in philosophy that I've gained academically and through personal interest and study groups/trainings.  I have a particular affinity for existential and humanistic approaches that hold questions of meaning, purpose and identity at the heart of their philosophy.  I also have been strongly influenced by the work of Carl Jung and work extensively with people around questions of "Who am I?" as well as questions around life's meaning and our individual purpose. I have a passion for helping others identify their truest nature as well as develop self-compassion and esteem. 

If you like going deep on these types of  questions we may be a very good fit. 

I am LGBTQ friendly and have work with diverse lifestyles such as non-monogamy and

non-traditional sexuality. 

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Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Text: 780-608-0573

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