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What is your fee?

Psychologists fee is regulated by the College of Alberta of Psychologists at $220 per hour.  This is the fee I charge if a client has excellent health benefits.   I do not slide my scale any lower than $200 per hour.

This fee is used to cover the costs of private practice which includes our education and registration as well as continuing education.  We have thousands of dollars every year in licensing and insurance fees as well as having to cover our rent, personal health insurance, vacation time and more.  

What is therapy like?

My sessions with clients tend to be a mix of informal conversation and concentrated work on what you bring to session.  Often clients come with with an intention or goal but it is possible that other things come up in the course of the hour that are of importance.  The first few sessions I will get to know your history and personal patterns and we will identify what may be causing suffering in your life.  Some people come for short term problem solving others enjoy coming regularly as a way to check in with themselves and work more deeply on issues. 

Is online therapy as effective?

Some people feel that being in person is important for a sense of connection to the therapist in session.  Others love that they can be in their own safe homes while talking about difficult things.  I enjoy both equally and therefore feel able to work just as well either way.

What is your cancellation policy?

I require income assurance and respect for my time in order to manage my stress levels, therefore, I am strict with my policies.  I require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment without a fee.  Within 24 hours I require payment of half the session fee before I will rebook.  Two late cancelations or one no show will result in termination of services.  Thank you for respecting these policies!

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