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Psychotherapy Services:
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General Info

I am currently taking new clients.  Please check information below to be sure I'm the right person for you, then you can contact me by email or text if you would like to proceed.  I will then email you a screening to make sure we are a good fit!  Services are not guaranteed after screening. 


Fee per hour is $220.  Please check your benefits to see how much coverage you have per year and how much is covered per session. I am unable to slide my fee at this point as all of my sliding fee spots are filled.

Contact via email:


Existing Clients can click here to book/cancel/reschedule.

Green Field
Scope of Practice

Client Scope: Short term problem solving and long term self development in individual adults. I have worked a significant amount with mothers, teachers, nurses, professionals and have a particular interest in working with other people helpers. 


Practice Scope:  Anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, stress and burnout, identity and personal development, women's issues, meaning of life issues, relationship issues, alternative lifestyles, phase of life changes, grief and loss. 

Beyond my scope:  I do not work with addiction, personality disorders, schizophrenia, psychosis, eating disorders,

couples or minors. 

I have a direct and personable approach to therapy which is grounded, authentic, humorous and holistic.  I’ve been told that I have a unique and relational approach to therapy and conversation that helps people feel naturally safe and compassionately held in both their struggles and successes. 

My approach is highly eclectic and is informed by the following:

  • Contemplative philosophical traditions from around the world,

  •  Somatic Experiencing and other body centered approaches,

  • Modern research on the nervous system,

  • Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy,

  • Depth psychology and Jungian principles,

  • Mindfulness,

  • Humanistic, person centered and existential psychology,

  • Biopsychosocial models of mental health,

  • Extensive training and experience in the enneagram at both beginner and advanced levels.

My Philosophy:

  • Therapy is a process of bearing witness to ourselves and our lives alongside a compassionate other.

  • As we explore our patterns, feelings, thoughts and histories a natural curiousity and exploration guides therapy and is the source of natural, unforced self compassion.

  • The persona/personality is a defense against life's pain and therapy is there to both celebrate this intelligent defense system and challenge it so we can become more of who we really are.  Authenticity and wholeness result from our willingness to brave territory beyond our social conditioning and stress responses.

  • Learning to regulate stress, sit with discomfort and gain insight from our daily lives is an ongoing, ever evolving process, guided by therapy. 

  • Being responsive to the dynamic energy of a person as a therapist is the key to therapeutic result.  Attunement over more formulaic approaches to transformation is more meaningful and successful.

  • Being who you are alonside becoming more aligned with your inherent potential is life giving. 

  • Working with thinking, feeling and behaviour is essential to transformation.  

  • Authentic relating from the therapist neutralizes fear and stigma in the pursuit of mental health.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Text: 780-608-0573

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