“The Enneagram is a multi-layered symbol of

transformation. It provides a structure and a process for change. It opens up a way for the complete

development of the human being.” -

- Carol Ann Gotch, Enneagram Teacher, Inscapes Winnipeg

The enneagram is a powerful tool for identifying patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour in everyday life that acts as a short cut to insight about why we do what we do.  Through this self-awareness tool we are able to identify how we use our personality as a defense mechanism against stress and how to open up to new possibilites of living that are freer and more whole.

Pamela has taught the enneagram in Alberta for 10 years at beginner and advanced levels and has studied with Canada's top teachers for over 20 years.  She has an articulate and direct speaking style with an emphasis on making philosophical concepts accessible and practical. Currently, she is focusing on bringing the enneagram to other psychologists, therapists and people helpers as she finds the enneagram invaluable in her own practice.  The introduction to the enneagram for people helpers is specifically developed to enhance clinical practice and increase therapeutic alliance by helping clients feel understood and met in effective ways.

Details of the upcoming Intro to the Enneagram for People Helpers - November 5/6, 2022 10-5pm - $315

Email: pam@pamelamoskie.com to inquire or register.

Included in the workshop:

  • Brief intro to the history of the enneagram and its symbol.

  • Philosophical background about why the enneagram is a profound tool for increasing self awareness and making healthy choices.

  • How personality is a defense mechanism and trauma response that emerges in our early experiences.

  • Identifying the nine personality types in yourself and clients, recognizing tendencies and characteristics of each type.

  • Understanding how unhealthy habits in thought, feeling and behaviour are a response to stress and indicates nervous system dysregulation.

  • How to support clients to recognize when they are caught in their defenses.

  • How to attune to different types as a way to enhance therapeutic alliance.

  • Interactive opportunities for questions and exercises to exemplify the content

  • This workshop is best to attend live but a recording will be available if needed.

Please feel free to send questions of interest to me in advance of the training so that I can best meet your needs and curiosities.

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