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“The Enneagram is a multi-layered symbol oftransformation.

It provides a structure and a process for change.

It opens up a way for the complete

development of the human being.” -

- Carol Ann Gotch, Enneagram Teacher, Inscapes Winnipeg

The enneagram is a powerful tool for identifying patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour in everyday life that acts as a short cut to insight about why we do what we do.  Through this self-awareness tool we are able to identify how we use our personality as a defense mechanism against stress and how to open up to new possibilites of living that are freer and more whole.

Pamela has taught the enneagram in Alberta for 15 years at beginner and advanced levels and has studied with Canada's top teachers for over 20 years.  She has an articulate and direct speaking style with an emphasis on making philosophical concepts accessible and practical. 

Please check back for upcoming courses in the enneagram!

I work with individuals, organizations, friend groups and teams to deliver the enneagram tailored to your needs.  Please contact to inquire about how I can help your team through this powerful tool.

Camrose Psychologist Enneagram

Check out the Psychotherapy Networkers 2023 article on The Return of the Enneagram here. 

Camrose Enneagram

Taken from advanced enneagram module in Camrose, AB. 2019.

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